Apa/Aca Web Site Critique

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Glenda Gale
APA/ACA Web Site Critique
PSY-460-O101 Course Fundamentals of Counseling and Guidance
April 7, 2013

APA/ACA Web Site Critique

I first chose to look at the ACA web site. I thought a lot of things were good there. They seemed To be open to everyone’s opinions and keeping things updated yearly according to feedback they had received. They had a very long and boring list of rules but they were clear at the same time. I feel someone who didn’t have a lot of patience or time would not be able to get through all of the rules. The rules covered everything you can think of, from privacy to sexual relationships not being legal Between a client and counselor. I didn’t think it was mapped out as good as the ACA web site though.

The APA web site had options right from the beginning to choose your psychological issues. For example, I chose to click on autism and everything came up that I needed to know. It went down a list of what you need to know about autism, treatment options for autism, news articles that was about autism, and even a book section where you could choose a book to read for self- help options. Now, as for me, who has an autistic son, I found a lot of clear and understanding information on the topic. I was also pleased to find that there were different books out there that could help me understand different issues I am having with my son. Everything was plain and clear for me to understand and I didn’t have to scroll through a bunch of options that didn’t have anything to do with me or what I was looking for. This site even had an option to tell me what kind of counselor would be best for our needs. The web site helped me to see that I was not alone and that others are facing the same issues.

If I had to choose between the two web sites, by which one I preferred, I would choose The APA web site for sure. It was easier to navigate and easier to...
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