Ap English Language and Composition - Essay

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AP English Language and Composition
10 September 2012

The blur of blue caught my eye and I watch it bellow down the street relentlessly swallowing people and children, and then fading into the hazy distance. Another breed of the same species comes careening down the opposite side of the street, it’s screeching tires skid across the miserable cracks of cement, suddenly halting to a dramatic stop. The metallic fiend exhales and shudders, impatiently waiting to select the next poor soul for consumption. Its mouth opens wide with a deep sounding hiss, beckoning me forward with a breath of steamy air. The air is stale and it forces my eyes to cry. To escape I attempt to rush forward but a jolt of force sends me crashing into a fortified wall of steel. The tribute I am carrying in my left hand is instantly relinquished as a result of the crash and I scramble on the floor for a minute before retrieving it. I solemnly stare at the crumpled dollar bill I hold between my fingers for I know this spoiled hell of a machine will never accept such lowly currency!

The people lingering behind me impatiently wait to feed the machine; so impatient do they become that the heat of their glares on the back of my neck surpass the sauna like heat of the behemoth that is transporting us. Confidently I strut back to the hungry slot and offer my dollar as repayment for the windowless ride of heat to my destination. Fumbling past the checkpoint, keeping my balance by grabbing a bald mans shiny head I manage to make it across to a support rod. Instant relief falls over me as I settle into a comfortable standing position. As we slow to a pause I comprehend the importance of finding a seat before another onslaught of eager people pour onto the bus filling in all available vacancies. I look over at the beady eyed man eating a bag of Doritos and watch as he wipes his hands free of orange powder on the seat beside him, then glancing over to my right I spy a seemingly empty seat only to...
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