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AP Biology
August 23, 2012
Egg Osmosis Lab
Definition of osmosis: The diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane from high to low concentrations Hypothesis: If I place an egg in vinegar, then the outer layer of the egg is going to become slimy and look like rubber. It will also become larger and bubbles will form on and around the egg. Hypothesis: If I place an egg in corn syrup, then the egg will become small and the outer layer will not look like rubber any longer. Day one:

Date started: 8/6
Volume: 2 oz.
pH of acetic acid: 2.4
Day two
The egg shell completely disappears due to the vinegar reacting with the egg; bubbles form on the surface of the vinegar and on the egg because carbon dioxide was produced from the reaction. In turn, the membrane of the egg becomes very rubbery. Day Three

Egg volume: 4oz.
Remaining Vinegar: 6 oz. ( ¾ cup)
Osmosis works with eggs because membranes contain tiny holes that small particles such as water can pass through from high to low concentrations. In this lab, the egg is the solute and it is placed in the vinegar which is the solvent. The vinegar is a solution of water (the solvent) and acetic acid (the solute). The water in the vinegar enters the egg through the membrane, moving from the higher water concentration in the vinegar to the lower concentration in the egg, which causes the egg to increase in size. A hypotonic solution is when the solution has a lower concentration of solute (higher concentration of water) than inside the cell. This is correspondent with this lab because the vinegar has a higher concentration of water than the egg. This clarifies why the egg increases in size. In contrast, a hypertonic solution occurs when the solution has a higher percentage of solute (lower concentration of water) outside the cell. This would cause the egg to shrivel and decrease in size. Day four

Egg volume: 2 oz.
Remaining Corn syrup: 8 oz.
Now that the egg has been placed in Corn Syrup, the...
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