Ants: Story Compares To American Government Today Of All Politics

Topics: Ant, Democracy, Political philosophy Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Neftali Carrera
political science
12/05/12 Movie Antz
The movie Antz is just like the American Government today because it has all tips of politics. In the movie it has many government issues like the colony was led by a president. In the colony there was always someone who would decide “who gets what, when, and how.” The purpose for someone to decide something and having a government is to have order of things. The movie Antz shows that it has a queen and in the queen has the power and control over the whole colony. The Antz have to follow the rules and laws that the queen puts and they have no say in it the colony was an indirect democracy.

In the movie Antz they had no life, liberty and property the main character Z wanted to go outside the colony but he didn’t have his liberty to do so. In the movie the military represents a dangerous force they take advantage of their power and part of their colony die in battle. But in this movie there is only one Dictatorship running the army the queen does not get into the dissection but can make the last. I think we do need a military, not to be fighting with other countries but to train teenagers and young adults discipline and to be all they can be. Having the military also benefits us greatly by having our country secured so our army will stop those enemies that want to attack us.

Of course the economy of the ants is a command economy, and everyone has to work towards "the good of the colony". The main ant that controls the army would always put that in the Antz mind to always stay together and work all the time. In this movie they don’t have a government but that’s why the colony is so manipulated by the main ant that controls the army. They need the Government because it has the ultimate authority to decide how conflicts will be resolved and how benefits and privileges will be allocated. The Antz only had one authority and would always obey that authority because...
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