"Antigone" Tragic Hero

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Antigone tragic hero essay.
Creon is the better tragic hero because he has more traits of a tragic hero than antigone has. He has greatness, a personality flaw, he makes a tragic mistake due to his personality and realizes it, he accepts death with honor and gets redeemed by the end of the play.

All tragic heros must have greatness “ You forget yourself! You are talking to your king”Creon is telling Tiresias that he is a king. It is important because it is stating that Creon is a king/ he has stature.Even though Creon has greatness, he has a tragic flaw as well.

In the play antigone Creon has many personality flaws which causes him to make mistakes. One of his personality flaws is that he is stubborn. In scene 5 line 69 Creon speaks to Tiresias. “No doubt. Speak: Whatever you say, you will not change my will” This quote shows that Creon is stubborn because Tiresias is trying to help him but he refuses to change. Tiresias is trying to tell Creon his mistake which is that he didn't burry polonaises and he is punishing antigone for wanting to burry her brother. Even though he made a mistake he eventually realized his mistake.

Later on in the play Creon eventually realizes his big mistake that his personality caused. Creon finally listened to Tiresias. In scene 5 line 75-76 Tiresias tells Creon his mistake. “ The one in a grave before he death, The other death denied the grave. This is your crime” after Tiresias tells Creon that his crime is not burring polonaises and sentencing antigone to death, Creon try's to fixes his mistake. While trying to fix his mistake he makes another one burring polonaises first before getting antigone causing antigone and his son to die. This is important because all tragic hero's must realize there mistake. Creon filled with so much remorse he wishes death upon himself.

By the end of the play when every one has killed them self Creon accepts death with honor. In the exodus line 127-128...
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