Antigone: the Role of College Education in Phlippine Society

Topics: Higher education, Education, University Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Approaches in College English Teaching

A. The role of College Education in Philippine Society
1. College education has always been looked upon as the main source of potential leaders in various fields of endeavor in the country. 2. Parents look to college education as the passport to a better job, ultimately to a better life. 3. Industry has depended much on the output of college education for its manpower needs. 4. Many students do not consider their education complete unless they have finished a college degree. B. Aims and functions of College Education

“ It shall be the function of the college and university to prepare the students for various professions, which require a high degree of technical competence and a generous amount of liberal education, to train leaders in the arts and sciences; to communicate through original works to the world’s common legacy of culture; and to promote independent thinking in the interest of freedom, learning and truth.” – Article XIV, Section 5 of the Constitution of 1935 C. Functions of College Education

1. It is the function of the college or university to provide students with quality education. 2. It is the function of the college or university to preserve, enhance, and transmit the cultural heritage of the race. 3. It is also the function of higher education to provide students technical and professional skills so that they get better jobs in the end improving their standard of living and attaining better lives. 4. Higher education is also tasked with the complex job of educating students for civic responsibility and full development of their full potential. 5. Finally, higher education should develop in the students love for research for a deeper understanding of nature and fundamental inquiry. D. Who is College Teacher?

1. According to Ken Bain, the author of What the Best College Teachers Do [Harvard University Press, 2004], the actual classroom performance of teachers...
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