Antigone the Main Character

Topics: Oedipus, Sophocles, Oedipus the King Pages: 2 (881 words) Published: November 10, 2008
In the tragedy Antigone the main characters, Creon who is the king of Thebes and Antigone who is the daughter of the deceased king Oedipus, are fighting over Creon’s decision not to bury one of Antigone’s brothers Polyneices because he felt that he was a trader to his city but he was going to still bury her other brother Eteocles even though they died by the sword of each others hand in war over Thebes. Antigone chooses to disobey the law that Creon has set saying that nobody can bury Polyneices or they will be put to death. Her decision was made because the gods say that if a person is not buried they can never go to heaven their spirit will be stuck on Earth forever, roaming.

“I have been wondering, King: can it be that the gods have done this?” the Choragos says after the Sentry announces what Antigone has done. With this he’s showing that not everyone agrees with what Creon is doing and they think there’s a chance that the gods have made it so that Polyneices body got buried. But if the gods had done it then it would be saying that Creon was wrong in making the law and leaving Polyneices out for the birds to eat. Creon wouldn’t think of it he replied, “Stop! Must you doddering wrecks go out of your heads entirely? The gods!” He then swears by God that the person who did it shall pay for it.

Antigone is brought to Creon and denies nothing, she’s very stubborn about it and insist on arguing with the king how she has done nothing wrong and how everyone in the room agrees with her only they are too scared to say anything. Outraged by Antigone and her smart mouth Creon says, “Pride? In a slave?…Who is the man here, she or I, if this crime goes unpunished?” This only goes to show further more that this has become, if not always, a pride issue. But the same goes for Antigone, it may have started off being about her brother but when Creon sentences both her and her sister Ismene who kept Antigone’s secret, to death Antigone wanted to take all the blame...
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