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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Play Analysis: Antigone
Antigone, originally written by Sophocles has been performed throughout history to illustrate its rich diversity of themes. Gary Armagnac’s rendition portrays this as well as the fact that it is a timeless play because he sets it in the near future in a society—that has just gone through a second civil war—that bears close resemblance to ours. The director, when creating this play, has heavy influence from the current ongoing political movements occurring in the Middle East and North Africa, especially women’s role in the whole movement. Hence, he focuses mainly on how women are able to support political movements such as the ones going on at this moment through their acts of civil disobedience and political discord towards a tyrannical government that refuses to listen. The whole crew was in line with the Director’s concept and was able to create a play that illuminated his concept of having a contemporary Antigone. The actors, the scene designer, the light designer and the costume designer all did an amazing job of making this play flawless. Overall, these are the people that gave life to Gary Armagnac’s contemporary rendition of the timeless play Antigone. The actors did an outstanding job with the acting in the play. They all seemed like they had a few years of acting experience; however, it was to my surprise that the main actor, Kunnal Duggal—Creon—was acting for the first time. He was able to do an amazing job with his character and was able to portray his emotions perfectly to the audience because I remember during his speech I actually felt like I hated him due to his ignorant remarks and obvious favoritism of Eteocles over Polyneices. He had a powerful voice with a tone that really showed what a stern tyrannical government is like, especially when he would yell at Antigone (Ashley Bonda). His strong tone not only portrayed his character well but also illustrated that he knew what type of tone was required of a character of his...
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