Topics: Oedipus, Sophocles, Creon Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Pontius, David
Mrs. Lange
H English II Period 4
12 sept. 2011
Antigone was Correct
Antigone defied King Creon because she did what she thought was right. Burying her brother seemed better than not burying him. Antigone was correct in disobeying Creon because Creons Law was flawed and she had good reasons for her actions. Antigone by John Gassner, based on Antigone by Sophocles, is a Greek Tragedy about Antigone and King Creon. Creon attempted to prevent Antigones brother’s burial, so Antigone disobeyed him. She ended up dying because of the choices made. Antigones actions followed the Natural Law of the time, and were just. Creons law had illogical reasoning and was based on emotion. Antigone did what was necessary to restore her families honor. Antigone was doing what was, and what she thought, was right.

Antigone was restoring her families honor through her actions. This is more worthy goal than obeying Creons flawed law. “Oedipus, upon discovering that he had killed his father and married his mother unknowingly, was so overcome with horror that he blinded himself and exiled himself from his kingdom. His two sons, Eteocles and Polynices, succeeded him, with the understanding that they would alternate as kings of Thebes. When Eteocles refused to yield the crown to his brother, Polynices laid siege to Thebes with the help of an army from the neighboring kingdom of Argos. In the ensuing battle the two brothers slew each other in hand to hand combat.” (Gassner 1) Her families honor was nonexistent after this sequence of events. Because of the family’s current state of their honor needing to be restored, Antigone was going to take the first opportunity to restore it; this was the first opportunity for Antigone to restore it. Creon had no right to attempt to deny this from happening.

Creons Law was based on illogical thoughts and pure emotion. A good law is not illogical. Also, a good law to obey is not based on emotion. “It is in conformity with these...
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