Anti Censorship

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Against Media Censorship
* On television, music, and most websites, they inform the user about the contents of their website, song, or show; but others (like YouTube) put on age restrictions on them. * I’m sure most of you have had to go through these at some point in your life and have gotten upset when you can’t hear the whole song or watch the whole movie. * I’d like to explain to you all how Media Censorship is in direct violation of the First Amendment and how it can make it harder for kids to learn about certain aspects of life.

* The First Amendment is one of our most important Amendments because it allows us, the citizens of the United States, to speak our minds about anything without legal government penalty. * Freedom of speech is no longer considered important to the government. People should be able to express themselves, whether it’s through music, movies, or anything, but instead they have to bleep the cuss for their song to go on the radio and block the inappropriate parts on a movie which can possibly cause a loss in entertainment or power in the message * The morals of people that have been hidden information from and the morals of the people who haven’t been hidden from are completely different. If certain things are hidden from people, then that gives people a curiosity in the subject and may cause people the use of illegal actions to obtain it.

* Education isn’t something for kids need to be censored from. * People are curious about life and feel they need to learn more about it, if everything was censored then this can cause parents to be in uncomfortable situations and cause kids to ask more questions. * The government shouldn’t have to tell people what they can and can’t watch or listen to; this should be up to the person or the parents of that particular person. * The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) monitors every radio station, Television broadcast, and music broadcast to make sure that...
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