Anti Arrack Movement

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Anti +arrack movement

Anti +arrack movement means movement against alcoholism. An anti- arrack movement was created in a remote village in Dubagunta, in Andhra Pradesh in 1972. It began as a spontaneous movement of women against alcoholism and agitated to force the closure of the arrack (liquor) shop in the village in Nellore district and adopted by the other districts of Andhra Pradesh. There was no organized leadership to start with in the anti-arrack movement. Most of the groundwork was done with local initiative, with women collectively protesting against arrack in their villages. The movement resulted in the declaration of total prohibition of liquor in Andhra Pradesh. But the prohibition on arrack was withdrawn in 1994 as State wanted additional revenue. The experience, however, gave the women new confidence and power to check the alcohol abuse by men, and to prevent domestic violence.

However, at present there are not less than five illegal arrack shops in the village of Dubagunta. (July 2010) and some of the shops are run by the persons who were agitating against arrack. \
Social Movements-way to strengthen democracy

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India is known for world largest democracy and democracy means power in the hands of people. Democracy ensures Right to freedom of speech and expression. Thus, people have power to express their grievances, demands and expectations. Social movements are an effective way to express their grievances, demands and expectations. The history of social movements helps us to understand the better nature of democratic politics. We have observed that movements like Anti–Arrack, Chipko movement, Narmada Bacho Andolan are neither sporadic in nature nor are these problem. These problems came to rectify some problems in the functioning of party politics and should be seen as integral part of our democratic politics.

chipko movement

Social movement’s ensured effective representation of diverse...
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