Anthropological Foundation of Education

Topics: Anthropology, Cultural anthropology, Marriage Pages: 4 (1062 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Anthropological Foundation of Education
Culture, Characteristics, Categories and Approaches
Kinship, Decent, and Marriage

Culture is the patterns of learned and shared behavior and beliefs of a particular social, ethnic, or age group. The goal of a cultural anthropologist is to learn about another culture by collecting data about how the world economy and political practices effect the new culture that is being studied. Forms of Culture

material culture – consists of tangible things like houses, clothing, tools, utensils, automobiles, TV, etc. non-material – refers to what is symbolic or intangibles such as sentiments, folkways, mores, system of beliefs and knowledge. Folkways – traditional ways of doing things in a certain culture e.g. pamamanhikan Mores – heavily sanctioned folkways for group survival and are accepted without question as they embody moral views of the group e.g. ulog of the igorot. custom – a habitual practice, e.g. kissing the hands of the elders. Beliefs – part of non-material culture, e.g. the belief of the enkantos

Characteristics of Culture
Culture is an adaptive mechanism
Cultures No Longer Exist in Isolation
Culture is learned
Culture Gives Us a Range of Permissible Behavior Patterns People Usually are not Aware of Their Culture
Culture change
We Do Not Know All of Our Own Culture
Culture Gives Us a Range of Permissible Behavior Patterns Five Distinct Categories of Anthropology
Applied Anthropology – The practical application of anthropological data, methodology, perspective and theory to asses and solve contemporary social problems. Archaeology – The study of past cultures based on the excavation of their habitation, burial, and environmental sites Biological Anthropology – Tracks the biological evolution of humanity through genetic inheritance, primatology and the fossil record. Cultural Anthropology...
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