Another Evening at the Club - Short Essay

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“Another Evening at the Club”
In the story “Another Evening at the Club,” Samia was a young girl who had to grow up at an early age. She had not yet finished high school when she had been arranged to be married to one of the wealthiest men in the village. She was a very kind-hearted person and believed in being fair, but where she lived none of that mattered. In the society she lived in, there were certain rules that had to be followed. Her husband ‘Abboud Bey’, who was like a father figure to her, always told her “the most important thing is the opinion of others,” and this is what kept her from saying anything about the finding of the ring her husband had given her which she thought was stolen by their servant, Gazia. This story to me shows that the ones closest to you don’t always agree with your decisions. Like Samia, I am a very kind-hearted person, but the society I live in does not limit me to my actions. If I knew that I wrongfully accused someone of something, I would confront them and apologize for my accusations. Throughout my life growing up I have been accused wrongfully on a number of things like stealing money that showed up in the end and saying something I never said. It really hurt when you say you didn’t do or say something and no one wants to listen to you. Also, in my society, when the police are called, they usually search the person’s place or belongings. If there is no sign of evidence that the person has what you say they took, then the police can’t take them into their custody unless they have proof.

In a situation like Samia’s she had no choice for the decision she made, due to the fact that she is young, and her opinion doesn’t matter. If I found myself in that situation I would’ve spoken to the servant myself before my husband got home. I would ask her if she had seen the ring and when she said no, then I would ask her to help me look for it. After the search and we both realize that it couldn’t be found, I would then tell my...
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