Annual Report of Ogdcl

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  • Published : January 22, 2011
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Financial Statements for OIL & GAS DEVELOPMENT CO LTD (OGDC) Year over year, Oil and Gas Development Co., Ltd. has been able to grow revenues from 115.7B to 125.8B. Most impressively, the company has been able to reduce the percentage of sales devoted to cost of goods sold from 20.99% to 20.14%. This was a driver that led to a bottom line growth from 55.5B to 59.2B. View Income Statement In U.S. Dollar

Currency in
Millions of Pakistan RupeesAs of:Jun 30
PKRJun 30
PKRJun 30
PKRJun 30
TOTAL REVENUES89,796.6108,588.1115,673.9125,843.0
Cost of Goods Sold20,290.421,148.024,279.625,349.6
GROSS PROFIT69,506.287,440.291,394.4100,493.4
Selling General & Admin Expenses, Total11,874.512,186.612,967.514,031.7 Depreciation & Amortization, Total375.0319.3----
Other Operating Expenses526.8527.7911.71,263.9
OTHER OPERATING EXPENSES, TOTAL12,776.313,033.613,879.215,295.6 OPERATING INCOME56,729.974,406.577,515.285,197.8
Interest Expense---9.1-14.3-9.4
Interest and Investment Income3,821.62,752.91,945.91,712.8 NET INTEREST EXPENSE3,821.62,743.81,931.51,703.4
Income (Loss) on Equity Investments44.344.757.564.1
Currency Exchange Gains (Loss)-65.0735.0669.2767.6
Other Non-Operating Income (Expenses)130.3305.3547.2732.9 EBT, EXCLUDING UNUSUAL ITEMS60,661.278,235.380,720.688,465.8 Merger & Restructuring Charges---0.2-1.2--
Gain (Loss) on Sale of Investments60.4-42.2-115.86.0
Gain (Loss) on Sale of Assets33.0114.6160.775.1
Other Unusual Items, Total----163.65.9
Insurance Settlements----163.65.9
EBT, INCLUDING UNUSUAL ITEMS60,754.578,307.480,927.988,552.8 Income Tax Expense15,499.733,969.325,388.329,375.6
Earnings from Continuing Operations45,254.844,338.155,539.659,177.1 NET INCOME45,254.844,338.155,539.659,177.1...
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