Annotated Bibliography Aurora Leigh: a Poetry Analysis

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Annotated Bibliography
Aurora Leigh: A Poetry Analysis

Cengage,Gale. Poetry Criticism: Aurora Leigh. enote, 2012 On analyzing Barrett Browning’s poem, you must also consider background information of when and why her piece was published. This article highlights the fact that the poem was published pre antebellum and highlights that it was the laid foundation of feminist movement to come. The article further goes in to depth on the plot and major characters and how ultimately poetry, and politics, art and love are all compatible and equally important. What is also helpful is the scholarly exploration of Browning’s themes in the article, especially her challenging the accepted social norms of female domesticity. The article elaborates the “women question” concerning the role of women during the Victorian Age. Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Cosmopolitan Art Journal, Vol.1, No.4 (Jun., 1857), pp. 124-126. JSTOR. This article criticism is a great stepping stone for Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s popularity. It provides not only a short biographical timeline of her life but also provides quotes of what she has stated in person and what she has also stated in her works; both of which is deeply analyzed. Published in Philadelphia, it is there that scholars and professors have quoted, acclaiming Barrett Browning for her “rhythmic beauty”. This article talks about how she psychologically overcame isolation due to illness and how the last of her works (Aurora Leigh) was pronounced her best works. The article also looks more into Browning‘s life and parallels it to her work.

Reynolds, Margaret. Aurora Leigh: Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Norton Critical Edition, Norton & Company, 1996 This book contains all nine books of Aurora Leigh, background and context content...