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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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College English Section:

March 20, 2013

Annotated Bibliography

Barro, R J. "Economic Growth in a Cross-Section of Countries." Quarterly Journal of Economics (1991): Vol. 106, 407-44. Journal. The journal mentions that poor countries human reproductive rate is much higher than rich countries affecting the population in classrooms. Battle, Juan and Micheal Lewis. "The Increasing Significance of Class:The Relative Effect of Race and Socioeconomic Status on Academic Achievment." Journal of Poverty (2002): 21-35. Journal. Battle, Juan and Michael Lewis 2002 in the Journal of "Poverty" focuses on a frequent finding that the higher a students socioeconomic students (SES) the higher his or her educational achievement. Ke-Young, Chu and others. "Uproductive Public Expenditures: A Pragmatic Approach to Policy Analysis." IMF Pamphlet Series. Washington: International Monetary Fund, 1995. The pamphlet argues that improving public expenditure productivity is important to economy growth. The pamphlet also argues that governments who deprove student loans can affect children from low socioeconomic status. Ke-Young, Chu and Vito Tanzi. "Income Distribution and High Quality Growth." Cambridge MIT Press. Cambridge, 1998. The question considered in this volume whether income distribution interacts with economic growth and to what extent the government can increase spending in education to promote economic growth. Roland Craigwell, Danielle Bynoe and Shane Lowe. "The Effectiveness of Government Expenditure on Education and Health Care in the Carribean." International Journal of Development Issues (2012): 4-18. Journal. This paper is assessing the efficiency of public spending on education, by evaluating school enrolment rates and how investing in human development is considered a means of improving and sustaining economic growth in the Caribbean. Smith, Larry. "Looking at Bahamian Education." Editorial. Nassau: Tribune, 5 September 2012. Article. Mr.Smith speaks about...
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