Annihilation of Caste by Dr.Ambedkar

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  • Published: November 22, 2010
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Annihilation of Caste: One More Look
by Dr. L. Jawahar Nesan
2.The evolution of the caste system and its current status 3.Annihilation of caste: the old thesis
3.Annihilation of caste: the New theory
4.Who should lead the revolution?
5.Post-revolution integration
I am neither a sociologist nor an anthropologist but a student of the human society and for being that I leave the choice to the readers that they can assign me under any terminological category as they wish. However, I must clarify what prompted me and compelled me to touch the issue of 'caste' although all my academic education were pertained to 'engineering and technology'. Much abler and more profound pens have analysed the issue of caste in the past without leaving any doubt over its genesis and mechanism. Of them, one can not point out anybody who had surpassed and bypassed the thesis of Dr. Ambedkar on caste. So do I too in this article as to whether his thesis on Annihilation of caste bears any relevance to and brings significant success along with if it is applied in today's environment. If it does what shall be the way forward ahead of his thesis in annihilating the caste and if it seeks modifications in line with the current situation what are such modifications required of it or if it does not what could serve as a realistic solution, all have been intended to explore in this article. But have I possessed the eligibility or acquired the knowledge to put Dr. Ambedkar's thesis under my scrutiny, I asked myself before I thought of taking this subject through my pen. Much contemplation myself enabled me to ascertain that I have the eligibility and knowledge to review the work of one of the great professors of the concerned subject on earth. I found myself eligible because I have been from a mass, which is the immediate victim of the caste system. This is not to say that those who are not victims are not eligible to analyse this subject matter...
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