Anne Frank's Relationship with Her Parents

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Anne has a relationship with her parents, more or less. For example this can be seen when Anne’s behaviours and dialogs with them. Anne loves his father so much and she loves him more than everybody around the world. Anne said “It’s true. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. You’re the only one I love.” (57). It shows that she loves only her father, not her mother her friends even her friends. She loves only her father and shows her love to him. And she wants her father always with her. She wants to do everything with him. “... I love you, Father. I don’t love anyone but you.” (57). And with that way, she shows his love to him too. But Anne doesn’t love her mother. Because she loves only her father. She thinks that this is for his teenager years but she doesn’t show her mother respect. She thinks that they haven’t common behaviours. “We have nothing in common. She doesn’t understand me. Whenever I try to explain my views on life to her she asks me if I’m constipated.” (57). “I can’t help it. I only told the truth. I didn’t want her here... Oh, Pim, I was horrible, wasn’t I? And the worst of it is, I can stand off and look at myself doing it and know it’s cruel and yet I can’t stop doing it. What’ the matter with me? Tell me. Don’t say it’s just a phase! Help me.” (58). This example illustrates that she doesn’t love her mıother and shows bad behaviours to her. On conclusion, Anne loves her father very much but not her mother.
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