Anita Desai's The Village by the Sea: Imagery, Juxtaposition, and Foreshadowing

Topics: Change, Character, Adaptation Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: February 7, 2013
In the novel The Village By the Sea, the author Anita Desai effectively conveys the protagonists Hari and Lila facing and overcoming change in a traditional culture through the experiences they surpass. The use of various techniques including imagery, juxtaposition and foreshadowing embody the significance to adapting to change, to stay strong and the importance of kindness. This assists in informing the reader of change through the families experiences in the novel. A constant theme displayed through the novel is the importance of kindness and humanity, which is represented through the experiences faced by Hari and Lila. This is shown to be thoroughly important as it essentially leads to survival in some of the situations represented, such as when Hari has arrived in Bombay and was unable to fulfil his original plans. The quote “he is a silent man, never speaks to anyone – but he has been good to so many” in third person narration explains how with nowhere to go, Jagu conveys the quality of kindness in this situation by opening his eating house to Hari, and provides him with resources such as shelter, food and a job which he gets paid for. “Other people have come to Jagu for help” foreshadows the storyline to come, as it suggests that because “other people” have been helped by Jagu, the same will happen for Hari and in these circumstances change his situation from the help he will receive. Because of the kindness of Jagu, Hari now earns money, which he can take back to Thul and create a change within the current lifestyle of his families current desperate situation. Another example of the importance of kindness and humanity is displayed by Mr Panwallah, a generous and compassionate man who offers to teach Hari new skills which will be beneficial when change approaches, shown through the quote “the mans kindness and the possibility he might make something of his life”. In the quote “I can see I don’t have to worry about you anymore” the use of situational irony...
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