Animals Have Rights Too - Short Essay

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Animals Have Rights Too
Research Essay OutlineI. IntroductionA. Definition of animal rights-the belief that non-human animals have interests and rights similar to humans and deserve the same respectB. Background information on the issueC. The discussion of animal rights and whether or not animals deserve the same rights as humans has been prevalent in society since the early 1800s, but animals do reserve the same rights to a life free from the terror of being hunted and the pain of abuse and experimentation; therefore, the solution is to create more laws in favor of animals’ rights and to prosecute those who choose to ignore these laws.II. HistoryA. Research says each side tries to goad the other in an effort to undermine themB. Research says the side for animal rights has been fighting for their cause since the 19th centuryC. OppositionIII. Addressing the IssueA. Research says animal rights activists have a valid point B. Research says animal rights are not always enough C. OppositionIV. Animal Rights vs. Human Rights & Facts A. Research says animals have enough mental and emotional faculties to deserve the same rights as humans B. Research says the effort to preserve animal lives has been by and large very successful.C. OppositionV. ConclusionA. Animals deserve the right to live their lives free from hunting, abuse and experimentationB. Solution-stricter laws and harsher punishmentsAnimal Rights are defined as the belief that non-human animals have interests and rights similar to humans and deserve the same respect. Activists and activist groups such as PETA and the ASPCA have been fighting for the equal treatment of animals since the early 19th century and continue to do so in the present day. There are two sides to every argument and there are people who do not believe that animals deserve the same rights...
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