Animals Are Not Ours to Abuse

Topics: Animal rights, Animal testing, Cruelty to animals Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Animals Are Not Ours to Abuse

There needs to be stricter laws to protect the rights of animals and stop the cruelty that they witness.

Animals withstand a huge amount of pain and torture for human beings. Many people do not realize how much animals suffer only to benefit ourselves.

Whether it is known by society or not the abuse and torture that these animals withstand for our entertainment, food, cosmetics and household products can be very inhumane and unethical. Many of these animals face horrible acts of violence and are tortured by humans for products used by humans. Many people acting together as one might be the only way that companies are going to listen to put an end to the violence that these animals are put through. Whether it be on a farm, laboratory, at a circus or anywhere else these acts are taking place, there needs to be stricter laws to protect the rights of animals and stop the cruelty that they witness. When you go to an animal oriented theme park you automatically think that it is an institution that treats animals as they should be treated. Wrong. When animals are used for entertainment they are taken out of their natural habitat for our viewing pleasures. The Ringling brother’s circus, zoos and SeaWorld are just a few of these entertainment-based institutions. In the circus elephants, tigers, monkeys, and other circus animals are electroshocked, beaten with bull hooks and denied basic vet care. In zoos, animals are kept in cages and taken away from their natural habitat to be put on show for humans to see. When you go to both the circus and to zoos more then likely you are able to go for a ride on a camel or an elephant, all day when these animals are forced to walk around with humans on their backs they are being stabbed and poked on the leg and possibly whipped so that they walk. Why would anyone want to hurt an animal like that just so we can say that we rode a camel or an elephant? SeaWorld and other aquatic parks, orcas and...
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