Animal Rights: Gary, the Advocates of Vegan-Ism

Topics: Slaughterhouse, Animal rights, Nutrition Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Assignment # 4 - Animal Rights

Gary is an animal rights activist and also an advocate of vegan-ism that believes eating animals is unhealthy and not natural. He has been band from 5 countries and arrested 13 times due to animal protesting. Gary wants us to get involve to save the animals instead of saving them for our meals. He feels that we are still in slavery when it comes to animals. Animals are victims because of us humans. Humans rely on animals whenever they are hungry or in need of a snack. There are commercials advocating different restaurants about the main cause of harming animals, Dairy products. Eggs, milk, and cheese is where all the harm is taking place of an animal. “Animals use to be our friends” says Gary, but now they are our daily meals. Innocent animals are being slaughter in slaughter houses. “10 billion are land animals and 18 billion are marine animals”. In the slaughter house, animals are hanged upside down, fully conscious and killed with no remorse. Humans are murderers. They are meat eaters that happily swallow innocent animals. Gary use to be a meat eater until he found out what was really the cause of the death of animals, humans. He is a happily vegan that only eats what comes from the earth and wears non animal products. “Animals do not belong to us”. He says the only reason humans are dying and developing diseases is because of the animals. Animals is not good for us, it is killing us. Our bodies are made for healthier food not food from another species. Feeding nutrients from animal’s bodies is insane, says Gary. “How will it feel, if the day you were born was the day of your execution?” I agree with Gary with most parts but on very few I disagree. He is right, us humans or should I say meat eaters or murderers. The amendment “thou should not kill” should not only be for humans but as well for animals. But animals are living creatures that were place on the earth to multiply for us to eat. God simply gave us...
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