Animal Rights Essay (Journal #2)

Topics: Human rights, Rights, Animal rights Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Animal Rights Essay (Journal #2)
Every single human being deserves legal rights, but animals may not need them at all. Animals are different from humans, they are either pets, wild animals or as food. Animals can still have human rights and choose for their own good, but it all depends on a few situations including food, pets, and abusive behaviour. Even though killing an animal for food may be gruesome, it is a necessary source of food for humans to live. If there is a law saying animals can choose to be slaughtered or not, who would know the answer? A human obviously cannot understand an animal’s feeling, so it is impossible. For instance, if you go ask a cow if it wants to be slaughtered for food or not, how would anyone find out? Cows cannot talk, and they are animals born to be used as food and helping the world population survive. Another point is if every animal deserves to live, what would become of humans? Not only humans, but other animals will be affected too, to the point where the whole food chain dies off. Human bodies are designed to have meat as a nutrition, so without meat, humans may not live. For example, if eating eggs are considered as animal abuse and that baby chicks shouldn’t be eaten, then the world population would eventually die off, because then every meat and fish you eat will consider as animal abuse. Considering animals to have rights when it comes to food is basically impossible.

Humans are often seen with pets, from tiny hamsters to massive dogs. If you were to ask an animal whether to be taken care of by its mother or a human, it is common sense the animal will stick to the mother. Pets should have a right not to be separated from its mother, but how could the mother take care of the young ones? The mother obviously cannot take care of eight to ten new born animals, so having this right is impossible. For instance, if a mother dog had seven puppies, how could she nurture them? Dogs are not wild animals, so...
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