Animal Kingdom 54

Topics: Cruelty to animals, Animal rights, Animal welfare Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Animal Kingdom
Humans have always had an interaction with animals since the beginning of time. They hunted animals for survival, and humans were their prey. However, scientists believe that our ancient relatives “treated the animals with respect.”(Stetson). So why do we continue to consume and brutally murder, and torture animals for the means of food and clothing when there is this claim to “love” and “care for” animals? We should treat all animals with kindness and respect. We should learn to understand them and not treat them as equals. We owe it to animals to show empathy and treat them better to become better people at heart. Animals such as dogs or cats kept as pets hold strong companionships with their owners in our society. Some humans consider animals to be mindless while others don’t, but I believe that they are capable of love, emotion, and thought process. Although, animals do not speak a language we can understand we can certainly see their intelligence. They’re capable of unconditional love and learning. Humans should have respect to our fellow non human animals. There are so many animals that serve a purpose in this life than just being a pet or for a means of food or entertainment. Dogs, for example are particularly helpful as certified service animals to help the blind. There are stories all over the nation of the selfless acts animals perform to save humans from death or accidents. Hurting poor defenseless animals is just cruel and inhumane and really says a lot about the person’s character that would actually do such a thing. The characteristics of animals are similar to those of humans. They care for their young just like human parents nurture their young. They’re capable of showing affection, happiness, and sadness. So how is that not proof of feeling? Animals have different characteristics just like those similar to humans. But they rely more on animal instinct than anything else. We as humans rely more on logic.

Animal abuse happens...
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