Animal Farm is Trivial

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Animal Farm is Trivial
While reading the article Animal Farm is Trivial I found the authors point to be that he felt Orwell received way to much credit for the work he completed in Animal Farm in comparison to other works that were completed around the same time period. He found that Orwell simplified revolutions to much made out to be much easier then the underlying story really happened. He makes the comment that by humanizing the animals it makes it more relatable then reading the actual history of the Cold War, however makes it less brutal. I believe that Keith Alldritt does have some personal bias and prejudices because he knows history so well that he looks into the text of Animal Farm too far. When we read it with a slight understanding of the history behind the book it is enjoyable even an easy read, however if while reading books or this story unparticular if you are a history buff then you will look into each character and see what they stand for and how the author went about showing the political person/people of power. I enjoyed reading Animal Farm, I have read it a few times in my academic career and would have to say I disagree with what Keith Alldritt is saying about the too easy of a read, or not confronting issues as they should have been. I can see his point however I think that Orwell was onto something, he knew that people would enjoy and learn from his story without putting everything in writing. I believe he wanted you to think for yourself and figure out what was really going on in the subtext of the story. If I had the chance to meet Alldritt I would simply like to ask what made him love history enough to rip apart someone else’s view of what was happening at a time that was so controversial. I would love to chat with him about how he viewed the story as a youngster and if his opinion has always been the same or how it has changed with the amount of knowledge that he has gained. He would be an interesting person to hear talk to a group...
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