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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Some Great Writing!

Introduction –

Animal Farm, a fable written by George Orwell, compares the Russian Revolution to a farm overrun by animals and eventually controlled by pigs. The book compares Stalin with Napoleon, and attempts to explain Stalin’s rise to power using symbolism. Animal Farm, a classic allegory by George Orwell, parallels Stalin’s life with Napoleon’s, using Snowball’s indictment and exile, the killing of “unloyal” animals, and the changing of laws to suit the privileged to represent Stalin’s rise to power.

Body Paragraph –

The final method Napoleon used to take total control of the farm was his fellow pig, Squealer. Squealer was able to convince the other farm animals of anything, and he often twisted the truth around to fit the pigs’ needs. Squealer convinced everyone that Snowball was an enemy when they questioned Napoleon’s actions. He convinced them that the commandments never changed—the animals were just remembering wrong. And he broke the news to them that “Beasts of England had been abolished” because “it [was] no longer needed” (61). Squealer was Napoleon’s tool for swaying the questioning but stupid animals of the farm. Stalin, similarly, had Pravda. This newspaper was screened, censored, edited, and many times corrupted in such a way that the public heard only what Stalin wanted the people to hear. This enabled him to “keep tabs” on what they knew, and therefore what they believed. The strategy of filtering information for the public shows how corrupted and power hungry Napoleon and Stalin were. They were willing to do anything to make sure that their followers’ belief in them was unwavering. And—in the end—Napoleon did take control of Animal Farm. His scheme worked.

Body Paragraph –

The first step Napoleon took to gain power was to abolish Snowball, a fellow pig, from the farm. Snowball was filled with plans and innovations for the future of Animal Farm, which posed a definite threat to Napoleon....
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