Animal Farm by George Orwell: a Novel Depicting How Animal Lives in England Were Full of Misery and Slavery

Topics: The Animals, Animal Farm, Eric Burdon Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Animal farm

Old Major was a very smart pig. One night, he had a strange dream. The day after his dream he gathered all other animals because he wished to communicate what he saw in it. All the animals were present. He started to tell them that before he died he felt the duty of passing them such wisdom that he had acquired during the twelve years of his life. He now was able to understand life's nature on earth, as well as other animals now living understood it. In his opinion their lives were miserable, laborious and short. No animal in England knew the meaning of happiness or leisure once they became one year of age, besides no animal in England was free, their lives were full of misery and slavery. Old Major was in disagreement with that, and he proved to the other animals that it was not England's fault, because England was not a poor land, it could afford giving them a decent life, it's climate is good, the soil is fertile and it is capable of affording food in abundance to all the animals than know inhabit it. So, in this meeting he asked them if they new the reason why were they still in that miserable condition. His reply was that it was because the whole production of their labour was stolen by humans beings. For him, men were their only real enemy. He kept on explaining that men, unlike other animals, are the only creature that consume without producing, however they are the lord of all animals.

After losing money in a lawsuit, the farmer, Mr jones, became a drunk. He did not care for the farm, leaving the fields with weeds, the animals underfed and to top it all he mistreated them by physically hurting them. This is why Old Majors intentions were to plan a Rebellion, under the thought that men are enemies all animals are comrades, of course, if it goes upon two legs its bad, four legs or wings is goos. He advised them that no animal should live in a house nor sleep in bed or drink alcohol and neither wear clothes. In...
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