Animal Farm. Analysis

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Clover is 14 years old, with the same old Benjamin. The windmill is used for milling corn. All animals continue lives of hard work and little food — except the pigs. The pigs begin to walk on hind legs, carrying a whip, and eventually wearing clothes. The sheep begin to bleat "Four legs good, two legs better!" The wall has been repainted to "ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL / BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS." Later, the neighboring farmers are given a tour, and stayed for dinner. Mr. Pilkington makes a toast to Animal Farm and its efficiency. Napoleon outlined new policies, with use of comrade suppressed, cancellation of meetings, burial of Old Major’s skull and removal of farm flag designs as well as the use of the name Manor Farm. Then, the men and pigs begin playing cards. It was impossible to discriminate between the humans and the pigs.

This final chapter depicts the complete transformation of Animal Farm into Manor Farm. The completion of the windmill marks a linking of animals and humans, its symbolic meaning was reversed and corrupted as it was used for money just like everything else. The farm is inexorably tied to human in term of commerce, such that the pigs come to resemble the human oppressors to the degree that "it was impossible to say which was which." Orwell used “years pass” to stress that the animals' lacks sense of history causing the incapability of judging present situation, thus do not complain their awful lives, since "they had nothing to go upon except Squealer's lists of figures, which invariably demonstrate that everything was getting better and better." The animals cannot recall the different from the present life and the past, therefore they could not compare. The pigs have won their ideological battle, as the Party wins its war with Winston's mind at the end of Nineteen-Eight-Four. Only Benjamin by which Orwell use to voice his own opinion is able to conclude that "hunger, hardship, and disappointment" are the "unalterable law of life." Napoleon is carrying a whip in his trotter, formerly a symbol of human torture. The sheep's new slogan, destroys chance for thought and debate, and the new Commandment expresses Napoleon's philosophy. When the humans arrives, the animals are not sure whom they should fear, the pigs or the men. It is implied that there is no real difference, as it does with the pigs buying a wireless, a telephone, and newspapers, and with Napoleon smoking a pipe, despite Old Major's admonition to avoid all habits of men. The meeting between the pigs and the humans is an allusion to the Tehran Conference, which was intended to map out a strategy to end World War II. It was a meeting of the leaders, jointly leading the fight against Hitler. Pilkington's address to Napoleon reveals his desire to remain on good terms with Animal Farm and offers a stream of empty words to keep the wheels of commerce well-greased. He praises Napoleon for making the animals do more work for less food, suggest that Napoleon is corrupt. His final witticism "If you have your lower animals to contend with … we have our lower classes!" stresses the political interchangeability between the pigs and the men. The changes of which Napoleon speak make the farm a complete dictatorship. The abolition of the word "comrade" create less unity among the animal, the removal of the horn and hoof ensure that the animals never consider the rewards of struggle and rebellion. Finally, the changing of the farm's name implies that the farm is not, the animals'. Instead, it is the property of "to the manor born", the pigs. When Napoleon and Pilkington argue, it shows that after years of oppression, struggle, rebellion, and reform, the pigs become as corrupt and cruel as their masters. Smoking, drinking, whipping, killing, and even cheating which are shared by both animal and man. Despite Pilkington's professed admiration for Napoleon, neither trusts the other because each is motivated purely by self-interest...
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