Animal Crulety

Topics: Blood sport, Animal rights, Animal cruelty Pages: 2 (844 words) Published: May 2, 2013
This essay is going to be talking about animal cruelty and how animals deserve to be treated with respect too. Most people say, “people have rights and animals do not” which is completely wrong. Yes, everyone is entitled to there own opinion but these are reasons that we all should agree on. It will touch on the subject of what animal cruelty is so everyone understands, animal testing, and animal fighting. These three topics are some of the most important and most common cruelty factors that I have heard of. Hopefully this will show you that animals have just as much of a right as we do.

To start off, animal cruelty is the infliction of suffering or pain put upon an animal. This pain can result in endless pain for the animal, broken bones, or even death. It can also be as simple as not feeding the animal or leaving the animal chained to a fence outside with no food and the chain cutting into the animal’s neck. Some people do things to their animals not realizing that it is a form of cruelty. Something like not taking your animal to the vet when something is wrong and not giving the animal its required medicine. These may sound like little, pointless reasons but these “little pointless” reasons can add up to a huge problem for the animal and even for you. If you do not take care of your animal and someone finds out that there is cruelty being done to the animal then they can take that animal away from you and you will most likely be fined.

Animal testing is another form of cruelty to many people. They lock these animals up and experiment on them not knowing what these tests can do to these animals. What is really upsetting is we all know that animals can not tell us that they do not want to be tested on and do not want to go through this. So, instead of finding another way to test these things they use animals and it is killing some of them. When an experiment does not work and they have tested too much on this animal and it is no longer useful or it is just...
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