Animal Cruelty: Animal Abuse

Topics: Suffering, Abuse, Torture Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: June 29, 2011
Animal Cruelty: Animal Abuse

General Purpose: To Persuade
Specific Purpose: To bring awareness to my audience about animal cruelty.

As humanity has grown, there has been an increase in authority and rules and regulations of everyday life. One of these rules is animal cruelty. Animal cruelty simply means cruel unjustified treatment of animals and sometimes pets to unnecessary harm and pain. One principal type of animal cruelty is torture. It is not ethical, moral, or legal but we humans do it.

One of the places we see the most animal cruelty is in the circuses. Animals in circuses are regularly and dangerously exposed to many abuses and diseases. Circuses do not practice what they preach and indulge in animal cruelty on a regular basis, after the training sessions of the circuses, tight collars, whips; beatings and torture are the order of the day for these animals. Elephants are one of the animals that suffer from major diseases in the circuses like tuberculosis and can infect humans with the bacterial disease. Some cases show that the elephants were not cured medically for wounds caused during beatings and other natural causes. Circuses have known to keep a large amount of soil ready, to hide the wounds and the blood on the elephants. Some elephants have also suffered from lameness, arthritis and food abscesses. Elephant deaths in circuses are normally caused due to osteoporosis. Elephants suffer from Osteoporosis simply because they do not have wide spaces to move around. Due to the cruel treatments, it has been proved that circus animals are dying at a higher rate than they are breeding. Circuses teach children that it's acceptable to abuse and mistreat animals for amusement Another animal cruelty is with dogs, people seem to think that fighting is a dog’s nature. Dogs are not the same as humans, but dogs do feel physical pain. Just because a dog can't say "That hurts!" doesn't mean they don't feel pain. Dogs also suffer from...
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