Animal Cruelty

Topics: Animal rights, Plant, Extinction Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Frances Sau
Stephanie High
Eng 111- 2151
16 April 2013
Animal Cruelty
There is much controversy when it comes to the term “animal cruelty”. Some people are very much against it, others could care less. The question is should we care about animal cruelty? Animals can be beneficial to humans as some animals make the greatest companion and in general, they contributes a lot to us and our ecosystem, but abusing them may cause harms to us in many ways. According to Baca “Eighty-three percent of families with animal abuse history have been identified by social service agencies as being at risk of child abuse” (241). As indicated, animal cruelty can lead to bigger problems. Problems may also include extinction which can damage our ecosystem and health concern from the great usage of growth promoting drugs and antibiotic in farm animals. Animal cruelty comes in several forms, some of which many may not know about such as the condition in poultry farms, animal testing and poaching issues. All of these matters contribute and have an effect on us along with the rest of the animal kingdom.

When we go food shopping in the meat section and pick up a package of chicken breast most people don't often stop to question or think about how the poultry was raised, or the condition it was in before it got to the slaughter house. The term for chicken that are raised for meat are called boiler chickens. In poultry farms, these animals are known to live in ammonia filled, crowded and windowless shed. To produce more products, farmers manipulate artificial lightning’s to make them eat as often as possible and include growth promoting drugs in order for them to grow bigger. Not to mention the massive amount of antibiotic feed to them for the purpose of keeping them alive in these type of living condition which can also lead to health problems for consumers. Because of the extreme confined condition the poultry lived in, most of them become aggressive towards each other and may...
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