Animal Abuse

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Psychological abuse Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Animal abuse is a a terrible problem that we should try to stop. It is unkind to animals and even worse, it can develop into violence toward people. More that 20 years of research has shown that violent abuse of animals leads to violence towards humans. Serial killers, child abusers, and people who commit domestic violence has usually stated out abusing animals. New research shows it may be caused by improper brain development of impulse control, anger, and empathy for others. Other cultures don’t think it’s cruel for animal fighting, but it is illegal in America. I think we should find away to stop animal abuse.

Animal abuse creates a cycle of violence. If a parent abuses a family pet and there child sees it, he could abusing them as well. So the child has learned to disrespect animals. The child has also learned that it’s okay to be cruel. If a neighbor reports abusing a pet, that could stop the cycle of abuse.

While there are fines and punishment for animal abuse, stronger measures would decrease the amount of it. More strict laws, something like larger fines. It might make people think twice before abusing animals. There is a connection between animal abuse and abusing people. Animal protection workers could tell social workers to investigate the family. This practice could help protect people from being abused like children.

Some people don’t care about animals being abused. They might say we have more problems to worry about. But I say protecting animals is important. If we let people continue to be cruel to animals, then they might end up being cruel to people also. If we didn’t care about letting people abuse animals, then more animals and people would be abused.

I think animal abuse is wrong and I think it should be stopped. Our pets love us and make our lives better. Being good to our animals makes us better humans.
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