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Anglo American Plc is a mining conglomerate and is one of the largest companies within the mining industry. It originally started in 1917 as a gold mining company going by the name of Anglo American Corp; the name was created when the initial starting capital of £1million was raised from U.K. and U.S. sources (Forbes 2006). In 1999, following a major strategic review, Anglo American merged with Luxembourg headquartered Minorco to form Anglo American Plc, with its primary stock exchange listing and head office in London and secondary listings in Johannesburg, Switzerland, Botswana and Namibia (Anglo American 2012d).

Anglo American “operates in Africa, Europe, South and North America, Australia and Asia” and is a global leader in the mining of both platinum and diamonds (Anglo American 2012c). They employ approximately 100,000 people (Anglo American 2012c) across the world, both in the mines and in local offices, with the majority of employees being based in South Africa, 79,000 (Anglo American 2011). Anglo American employs 10,000 people in South America, which is the second largest proportion of employees in the company, and employs 11,000 people in other countries across the globe (Anglo American 2011). South Africa produces the highest amount of revenue by origin, $17,855million in 2011, which accounted for 49% of the group’s total revenue for that year (Anglo American 2011). When comparing all the countries’ revenue for the year, South Africa has a very dominant position, as all the other countries have less significant revenues of $5,058million or lower (Anglo American 2011). This suggests that South Africa is the main country for production.

They have a highly diversified mining portfolio, comprising of many metals and minerals. In 2011, Anglo American increased their shareholding to 85% in the world’s leading diamond company, De Beers (Anglo American 2012a), which accounted for 6% of the share of Anglo American’s operating profit in 2011 (Anglo American 2012c). The company employs 16,000 people in the diamond division, in North America and Africa, which is the second largest percentage of employees across the group (Anglo American 2011). Another subsidiary of Anglo American is Anglo American Platinum Ltd.(AAP), of which they own 80% and employ 55,000 people, which is the largest proportion of employees across the company, 55% (Anglo American 2011). AAP is the main producer of platinum in the world, accounting for 40% of the global supply (Anglo American 2012c). Iron ore is the most predominant area of Anglo Americans operating activities with the largest share of the group’s profit in 2011 of 41%, $4520Million (Anglo American 2011). This is significant in comparison with the second highest area of operating profit, copper, which attributed to $2461Million, 22%, of the operating profit. Anglo American also produce metallurgical and thermal coal, nickel and other materials, which, although contribute to the company’s profits, are less significant in comparison to the more major operations of diamond, copper, iron ore and platinum.

Anglo Americans main corporate aim is to, “be the leading global mining company becoming the industry’s largest employer, partner and investment of choice” (Anglo American 2012f). They believe a "sound strategy, sustainable development and good corporate governance are essential to achieve this goal". (Anglo American 2012f)


At the first meeting, the group decided that the company study was to be worked on two days a week and a table was drawn up in order to manage the time efficiently to ensure the deadline was met. The table comprised of a ‘plan’ and ‘achieved’ column for each date during the weeks leading up to the deadline of 14th December, see Appendix A. After the first meeting, the group went away to do some individual brief research on the given company in order to get background knowledge of Anglo American and so the in depth...
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