Angels in America Critique

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Angels in America Critique
Tony Kushner’s Angels in America is an amazing play, which focuses on the stories of two different couples. One is a gay couple and one is a straight couple; Louis Ironson and his lover Prior Walter (gay), and Mormon lawyer Joe Pitt and his wife Harper (straight). The two couples path end up becoming intertwined as the play progresses. This is just part one of the play. It is usually about a 3 hour play but they narrowed it down to a little more than two hours. Written in 1991, the questions are obvious: now that the millennium is behind us, now that AIDS is no longer an instant death sentence like it was twenty years ago, and now that the USSR is no longer around and that reconstruction has taken place, does the play still have an impact and effect people like it did in the 90’s? I defiantly would say yes! The play was very good. This version of the play directed by Ed Wagenseller was exceptional. The entire play was great, from the performances from all the characters to the costume design. It defiantly had an effect on me from the point where Prior tells Louis he has AIDS to the scene where they have sex. It was kind of weird to watch that take place on stage, it made me a tad uncomfortable but it had an effect on me in a good way. I would defiantly recommend people to go see it. I loved everything about it and I believe you would too. I really wish that they would produce and put on part two also.
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