Angelina Jolie-Psych Eval and Bio

Topics: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Billy Bob Thornton Pages: 4 (1755 words) Published: October 8, 2011
I chose Angelina Jolie. Most of you have heard about her affairs and crazy lifestyle. I chose Angelina because it seemed like she had made some crazy irrational decisions. She’s also had quite a long career so I knew I would have a lot of information. I learned so much about her it was awesome. I knew there were a lot of underlying psychological things involved with her and it was great to analyze her. You could say Angelina was born ready to be a star, born in LA on June 4th, 1975 to an already famous father, Jon Voight, her mother was also an actress and model. Her parents ended up splitting up before Angelina was even two. After the split Angelina and her brother moved to Palisades, New York with their mother.

Angelina grew up happy. She developed the hobby of collecting snakes and lizards. Even at a young age Angelina would wear flashy clothes and dance around ready to draw attention and make people laugh. She was even in a group of girls called the Kissy Girls; these were the girls who would chase boys around the playground just to kiss them. Jolie’s family spent a lot of time in the theatre attending movie screenings. Jolie claims this is where her desire to become an actress began.

In 1986 the family moved back to LA after a series of moves elsewhere. She decided to go forward with her ambition of acting. She then enrolled at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, where she appeared in many stage productions over the course of two years. She was not the only one who wanted to become a star at her Beverly Hills High school but she wasn’t like the normal preppy, polished, good looking students there. She was skinny with braces; her family wasn’t rich so she wore clothes from the thrift store. Her self esteem started to go down after some failed attempts to model. The critics were ruthless and she just felt ugly and worthless. Her father wasn’t around, she was never in one place, and her family wasn’t well to do like the other children. She turned to cutting...
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