Andrej's European Pastry

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Andrej’s European Pastry
Question 1
The value proposition of Andrej’s European Pastry
Andrej’s European Pastry is selling of cake and bakery. The founder of Andrej’s European Pastry is Jan Gadzo. He was baking as old world traditional Czechoslovakian treat called Potica. He introducing it to a new generation of customer and selling it via internet. The specialty of Andrej’s European Pastry is Walnut Potica. This is a one of value that enjoy by customer. He was used a old generation pastry recipe by add Walnut Potica and serve to customer. This is a specialty serve to customer. It is because Potica is not a common item in most stores. Moreover, it is used a traditional handed down which means pastry prepared by hand, the old fashion way. Therefore, customer can enjoy this special flavor and traditional method. Another value is Jan Gadzo still keep the tradition alive. Hence, customer can taste a tradition pastry rather than machinery. In addition, Andrej’s European Pastry serves it up to home shoppers via the Internet. It is convenience for those shoppers. Jan Gadzo is giving fully trust on customer. Gadzo can stay business without getting payment up front. He did not fear customer cheating or fake order. Another value is he eliminates the problem of transaction process. He tries to reduce delay of delivery and customers are not waiting too long. He make his business via the internet that is take advantage on communication. Customer can get feedback faster. That is one of value here, customer can get instant feedback.

Business model category and revenue model for Andrej’s European Pastry. Jan Gadzo is doing online retail business. He set up a web which is convenience for home shoppers via the internet. Revenue model – Affiliate revenue model and sales revenue model. His profit is come fro these revenue model. For affiliate revenue model, he is busy pulling together new alliances to strengthen the company. He was used a simple promotion...
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