And Humorous Character on Catch Us If You Can

Topics: Comedy, Humour, Humor Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: July 27, 2013
A Humorous character on Catch Us If You Can
Apart from love and teamwork, humour is also one of the elements that is depicted throughout the story. Therefore, the most humorous character in this story is Granda, Rory’s grandfather. He is humorous in the way that he does things that not many people would do. There is a number of evidence that portray Granda’s humour throughout the story. First of all, we can see that Granda is confused and forgetful in a funny and extraordinary way. Sometimes, he forgets to put his pipe out properly and puts it in his pocket. The funniest thing is that it happens more than once. The first time it happens that he forgets to put his pipe in his pocket is when he is at Doctor Nicol’s clinic. The second time is the most embarrassing one as Mrs. Foley’s coat is burnt. Though Granda’s forgetfulness proves to be a perilous one, it suspends the readers due to its humour. Also, Granda puts his shoes in the fridge and the milk in the wardrobe, a habit that people would not practise even though they are forgetful. Granda also sometimes would accidentally throw away Rory’s homework with the rubbish and forgets it. Though the readers are grieviously irritated by his irresponsible behaviour, we could not stop laughing at Granda’s unusual but hilarious actions. I think that Catherine Macphail, the author is creative and has a knack of arousing the readers’ suspense throughout the story. Next, Granda is gentlemanly and charming in a unique way. His unusual but awe-inspiring uniqueness is chronicled through his dim-witted but hilarious actions. At Doctor Nicol’s clinic, he acts as a gentleman. When a young girl comes in with a baby, he stands up and holds the door for her though he looks funny when he does it. Next, many women like him as he fancies to charm women by giving extreme but promising compliments. For instance, he calls Ruby who is Tyrone’s mother and Anne ‘sweetheart’. On top of that, he loves women with red hair, especially Nurse...
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