Ancient History of British Isles

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The History of the British Isles.
Around 3000 years BC many parts of Europe including the British Isles, were inhabited by a people called the Iberians. Some of their descendants are still found in the North of Spain (the Iberia Peninsula). We don't know much about these early people. We can learn something from there skeletons, their weapons. The Iberians used stone weapons and tools. During the period from the 6th to the 3rd century BC, a people called Celts, spread across Europe from the East to the West. During the iron age the Celtic tribes invaded Britain. Celtic tribes called the Picts and the Scots inhabited the north of the country. The Britons a powerful Celtic tribe held most of the country and gave the name to the islands and to the country later. The Iberians were weak to fight back the attacks of Celts who had metal weapons. Most of the Iberians were killed driven into the mountains or mixed with the Celts. The Celts didn't write down any events. The Greeks were the first to mention the British Isles. In the 1st century BC when the Romans came to Britain the Celts lived in tribes and obeyed chiefs. They had no towns, the cultivated crops, wore woden clothes, kept large herds of cattle and sheep. So they lived under the primitive system. Nowadays the descendants of Celts live on the territory of the British Isles. The Welsh, who live in Wales care of Celtic origin. They speak Welsh a Celtic language. The Roman conquest of Britain

In 55 BC the Roman army invaded Britain, but the Celts bravely resisted their attack. Only 100 years later in 43 AD the Roman army conquered the South-East of Britain. Other parts of Britain were taken during the next 40 years. The Romans were unable to conquer the hilly districts of the West and Scottish highlands. The Romans built towns, willas, public baths, and stone roads. Together, with a high civilization, the Romans brought slavery to the British Isles. The noble Celts adopted the way of life of the Romans. They...
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