Ancient China: Cultivation of Land

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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The fact that physical activity, especially regular exercise has a significant impact on the health and lifestyle is not a discovery of our modern times. Even in 2500 BC has been proven that China people used structured exercise to strengthen their health. Exercises were the most important thing in upbringing of children process. Through such practices were primarily prepared for military service. However, the culture of physical fitness was also determined in agriculture. China is in specific climates, where especially the main occupation of people in the old days was the cultivation of the land. This job also required real strength. As the Chinese population had no civil rights remained all they had left is choosing their future path – working on the role or the military. Educating young people in the spirit of physical activity in China started at early age. The most important skills that students must have acquired in ancient China was archery. It was a guarantee of social prestige, which was tested in numerous competitions at the time. Culture and social status of the family was conditioned by the fact that poor performance in archery demeaned not only the player but also his entire family. The sport was elevated to the rank of atonement, a national sport. Another skill after archery, which belonged to the prestigious canon was driving the car and shooting with a bow. Each child with noble origin had to acquire the ability to proudly represent their social class, and be duly prepared to court life. Dance was also necessary ability. In China, it was the relay deeper educational content. It educated both the physical and the harmony and beauty of motion. Chinese people believed that with dance man achieved harmony between the soul and the body. The existence in the country of Chinese special military schools for young people and children from noble families was the most important place where they gained all the necessary sporting ability. Ranging from archery...
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