Analyze the Reasons Why Americans Could Not Compromise to Resolve Political Disputes by 1860

Topics: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War, Compromise of 1850 Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: January 8, 2013
During the 1800's, Americans in the North and South often had conflict but could no longer resolve their political disputes through compromise by the year 1860. In this time period, compromise was not an option because slavery and states rights' caused political disputes between the north and south.The two political parties in the north and south lost their ability to cooperate and by the mid 1800's increased the issue of the division of the states.

The political view on slavery and states rights grew as compromise between the north and south political parties began to collapse during the mid 19th century. Henry Clay stated that it is impossible for South Carolina to become an independent state. (Doc A) A report of the American Anti-Slavery Society was opposed to slavery naming slave owners as "man stealers" and believed that slaves should be free. (Doc B) Political compromise was not greatly effected by their belief but the Compromise of 1850 resulted in the Fugitive Slave Law being passed which caused the collapse in the political parties.

The issue of slavery continued to increase as compromise slowly disintegrated. Abolitionism increased by the encouragement of Frederick Douglass, a leader, who promoted freedom for all slaves. Also, "Uncle Toms Cabin" published by Harriet Beecher started up abolitionism in the North while the South to oppose against abolitinists. Senator Daniel Webster who is opposed to secession stated that the North is not complied with the Fugitive Slave Law. (Doc D) In addition, a New York Tribune comparing working class men in the north to southern gentlemen (Doc F) caused more conflict between the states over the issue of slavery. The division of the states over the issue of slavery enhanced the collapse of compromise between the North and South political parties.
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