Analytical Essay the Departed

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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The Departed

The average trip to the theater will indulge the lesser senses, relaxing the mind while also discovering the storyline as the film progresses. When approaching a film with an analytical mindset it is important to have a deeper more developed thought process. Small details within a movie can prove to have extreme importance to the storyline sometimes having multiple meanings. While analytically watching the film The Departed it is apparent that the director Martin Scorsese uses an immense amount of symbolism along with character representation to develop the storyline. The use of animal clothing to represent the alpha male is a use of symbolism within the film that is a reoccurring. Another use of symbolism can be found in the shot of the Massachusetts State Building which entails the desire of a more lawful existence and the shot is also a reoccurring image throughout the film. The question of “what is loyalty” is a big idea that the director develops with the use of several characters along with meaningful dialogue. In Martin Scorsese’s The Departed the theme of loyalty is expressed along with the symbolism of the state building and animal clothing.

In the film The Departed Matt Damon’s character Collin Sullivan infiltrates the Massachusetts State Police department as a detective who is secretly working as an informant for the Irish Mob lead by Frank Costello who is played by Jack Nicolson. Meanwhile Leonardo Dicaprio’s character Billy Costigan is placed in an undercover position within Frank Costello’s crime ring. The two informants are placed in a state of confusion as to their true identity when they become consumed with their double lives. The challenge of uncovering the identity of each

other is introduced when both parties, the Police Department and the Irish Mob discover that there is a mole inside their units. Both characters reach a tragic end once their identity is reviled.

Throughout the film The Departed the Irish Mob leader...
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