Analysis Prudential Vietnam

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Slogan: “Always Listening. Always Understanding”

1. Introduction about Prudential
Prudential Corporation
Established in 1848, London. Prudential is one of the largest financial services companies in the world providing life insurance products, financial services and asset management in the UK, America and Asia. Prudential has life insurance operations in the UK for over 160 years. Today, Prudential has over 25 million customers around the world and managed funds with a total value of over U.S. $ 532 billion (£ 340 billion).

The close coordination of activities of the business units around the world has helped Prudential to take advantage of demand for asset accumulation and retirement income needs of increasing customers'. Scale global activities and income from the geographic area and product diversity has brought great advantage for Prudential.

Prudential currently own prestigious brands:
-In the UK, Prudential is Life Insurance Company and leading Retirement Fund provides financial products diverse individuals. -M & G, Investment Fund Management Company in Europe and the United Kingdom's prudential plc manages funds worth over U.S. $ 310 billion (£ 198.3 billion). -Jackson National Life is one of the leading Life Insurance Company provides long-term savings products and retirement accumulation for individual clients and client organizations throughout the U.S. economy. -Prudential Asia is the European Life Insurance Company of Asia's leading business units of life insurance and investment fund management in 13 markets. Prudential Asia

Prudential has a long history, with many years of experience in Asia (since 1923). Currently, Prudential has insurance business units in 12 markets: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea. Prudential is one of the largest asset management companies in property management originating from Asia excluding Japan. Active business management investment fund has expanded to 10 markets: Hong Kong, India, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates. In just a decade developing a strong and sustainable, Prudential has become the leading Insurance Company European in the region in terms of market size and the number of units. At the same time, Prudential Asia also plays an important role in the field of investment fund management in Asia. Prudential Asia has built a brand famous and appreciated in the region. Prudential Vietnam

Entered Vietnam in 1995; And in 1999, Prudential Vietnam officially established with an investment of 15 million USD. The company has achieved many great achievements in the years of operation. The Company has contributed significantly to attract idle capital investment in people to invest in the country's economy back, technology transfer and training of human resources quality. Besides business, Prudential Vietnam is now actively involved in social activities. Prudential Vietnam is not only focused on the insurance market but also interested in other markets. Such as: Prudential Vietnam Fund Management Company, established in 06/2005. As of 31/12/2008, Prudential Vietnam Fund Management Company currently serves for more than 11,000 clients, with over US$1.4 billion funds. In addition, Prudential Vietnam Finance Company was established in 09/10/2007 for the purpose of listening and offering financial solutions for consumers. Prudential Logo

Goddess of Prudence is a familiar face attached to the prudential brand from 1848. Prudence goddess represented for the following four factors: prudence, fairness, integrity and standards. Prudence is expressed through memorizing information, wisdom and visionaries; this is expressed through the understanding of the past, present and future. 2. The motto of Prudential Vietnam. The difference!

“Always listening, always understanding”. The only way to understand what your customers...
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