Analysis of Women's Effects of the Cuban Revolution

Topics: English-language films, Gender, Cuba Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: July 16, 2012
The Effects of the Cuban Revolution on Women’s lives and Gender relations in Cuba from 1959 to 1990

The lives of women had changed in a good way. The way it was before the revolution they had no rights and their husband or father was the one in charge, as it says in document 1 “…the mothers and the daughters had to tolerate the male authority as longed they lived the father or husband.” No matter what starting from birth if you were a girl you were always gonna be under male authority whether it was their own father or their husband no women could be free. But things started to change in 1960 when young women were able to go to school to learn basic job skills like it says in document 2 “…14,000 young women from the countryside, including the most remote areas, came to Havana to learn basic job skills.” “The program included sewing, reading, and writing, and basic health and hygiene such as eliminating body parasites and fixing teeth.” So women were going to be able to start taking on jobs and make money for themselves. But the majority of the men don’t like the idea that women are starting to have freedom. In document 3 it says “the revolution gave women a lot more freedom by giving them jobs…” “I expect my wife so stay home and look after the house.” “She owes herself to me and the children.” Most men are used to the fact that women would be the ones to stay home, do all the cooking the cleaning and looking after the children, while they go out and do the work and make the money, now they have to be worrying about who’s gonna look after the kids when is dinner gonna be ready etc. Most men like the fact that they have complete control over women but it’s all changing and that’s why most of them are getting upset about women having more rights. Also it’s not only the majority of the men that think it’s a bad idea or that it’s wrong. A lot of the older women thought it was bad too in document 4 it says “Lots of older women who think women’s liberation is...
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