Analysis of William Hazlitt's “on Going a Journey”

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Analysis of William Hazlitt's “on Going a Journey”

Ongoing a journey is an essays written by William Hazilitt. As it's clear as its title, the essay is about the art of enjoying oneself when making a journey. From the beginning of the essay, Hazlitt makes it clear that travelling is a pleasurable experience, also he provided that to make the most of the journey we must consider these conditions, going on the journey alone, Hazlitt emphasizes on the importance of avoiding useless arguments. One should devote himself entirely to contemplation, this could only be achieved in a true mood of good thinking. Also we have to be aware of that we cannot do two things at the same time, on the contrary, we ought to concentrate on only one thing at a time. For instance, we should not argue because it will certainly spoil contemplation. This stresses the relation between loneliness and achievement, in travel man achieves peace with himself instead of quarrelling with the others. Also freedom could be felt when one is alone, it is the only way that one could contemplate wholly with nature. This will secure the full enjoyment of travel and by necessity, escaping from painful thoughts and the depressing reality.

To conclude, one should mention the style of writing, in spite of the romantic nature of the writer, he managed to make his language simple to suit history. That is why he arranges his ideas logically, creating a coherent structure not only does this clarify his theme, but it also achieves a deep effect on the reader. All this proves the dexterity of the writer. Moreover, it deliver his message "Going on a journey alone".
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