Analysis of the Theme of Pain in Literature

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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One common theme within Education of Little Tree, Of Mice and Men, Night, and Willow would be the theme of pain. Within all four books the characters all feel pain or guilt about something they have done in the course of the storyline.

For example in Education of Little Tree, Little Tree, feels guilty when the snake bites his grandpa and grandpa has to suck the venom out but still gets sick. Little Tree also feels guilty after getting in trouble in class and being sent into the little room all alone. He may feel guilty when grandpa falls and gets hurt because he couldn’t catch him and he feels guilty when grandpa dies.

In Of Mice and Men, Lennie may feel guilty when he petted the girl’s dress and was blamed for rapping her. Lennie may also feel guilty for killing the dog. It is also possible that Lennie does not feel guilt because he may not understand the concept of death and the effects of his actions. I believe though that George does indeed feel guilty for killing Lennie but he believed it was for the best and that life would be better.

In the book Night, Eliezer felt pain when he was taken away from his mom and sisters. Eliezer may also have felt pain when he thought that his dad was put on the list to be burned. I believe that Eliezer may have felt guilty when his dad died because he did not get him water when he asked. Finally he felt greif when he did get home and realized what all he had lost during that time of his life.

In Willow, Willow feels pain and guilt when she recalls what happened when she crashed the car which killed her parents. Also she felt guilt when she sat on the stairs watching her brother cry and never telling him that she saw it. Willow felt guilt when Guy found out that she cut herself and he said he would help her no matter what. She felt bad that she was causing him so much pain.

These are the main reasons why I believe that all four books, Education of Little Tree, Of Mice and Men, Night, and Willow have the same...
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