Analysis of Maxine Hong Kingston "No Name Woman"

Topics: China, Woman, Culture of China Pages: 5 (1677 words) Published: June 21, 2011
Chapter I
1.1. Background of study
Adultery defined as a sex relationship between a married woman and a man other than her spouse or a sex relationship that usually happened also between unmarried couples in their relationship. It is actually the same as stated in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary; adultery is a sex between a married person and someone who is not their husband or wife (18). Indeed, Adultery sometimes becomes something crucial in our society. As an addition, in certain societies or cultures, it considered as an illegal relationship or we can say forbidden against norm or belief in societies or cultures itself.

Like what the writers have discussed above, that adultery has a strong relationship to the society in which individuals made up of woman and man, and culture found in the community. Further, the case of adultery not only finds in real life but we can also find them in literature where an author wants to express their ideas through their works. The writers would like to talk about adultery that is in their work, and the public's view of peoples who commit adultery. Thus, in this discussion for the writers interested in discussed about the woman taken in adultery, as seen in No Name Woman by Maxine Hong Kingston. In one of them and the society has viewed toward women in adultery. A highly acclaimed memoirist, Kingston integrates autobiographical elements with Asian legend and fictionalized history to delineate cultural conflicts confronting of Chinese descent, particularly issues of female identity. Frequently studies in a variety of academic disciplines. Kingston often focuses on issues of cultural and institutional sexism and feminism as well as female autonomy and identity. Her first autobiographical volume, The Woman Warrior, which the first chapter is No Name Woman has been deeming an innovative and important feminist work. It viewed as a personal, unconventional memoir that seeks to reconcile Eastern and Western conceptions of female identity. Kingston eschews chronological plot and standard nonfiction techniques in her memoir, synthesizing ancient myth and imaginative biography to present a kaleidoscopic vision of female character. In No Name Woman, the writers found a woman adultery case talked in its story happened in Chinese culture society. Moreover, the writer wants to discuss on how woman adultery case seen through Chinese culture perspective in which they (Chinese society) views woman adultery as something fatal if it happened in their society and woman who commit adultery should be outcast from the society but not focused on the men who also have a part on doing the adultery..

In analyzing woman's adultery case seen through Chinese perspective in shorts story No Name Woman. the writer focus on one character, “nameless aunt” the one who does an adultery with another man who is not her husband which at the end of the story her adultery causes her to be in a big trouble because Chinese, the society where she lives, does not want to accept her adultery. Chinese considers that woman adultery is something forbidden and even fatal in their society. They believe if there is one of the woman in their society having adultery will cause their society would also be in a big trouble and disgrace the society and have to be outcast from their society.

The perspective of Chinese society to see woman adultery is sometimes rather unfair seen through the way they treat and force the woman commit adultery. without seeing what is behind of woman adultery itself and in this story “nameless aunt” having the same thing unfair consideration of her adultery in her culture society, it stated in For example; “The villagers punished her for acting as if she could have private life, secret and apart from them”. (13). Finally Through this research the author hopes that readers can understand well the concept of feminism in the cultural understanding of Chinese society. In addition,...
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