Analysis of Lutz

Topics: Deception, Lie, Propaganda Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Analysis of Lutz

Doubts About Doublespeak by William Lutz is a very interesting piece that I would highly recommend for everyone to read. He gives a very clear picture of what “Doublespeak” is and how it is used in our society every day. Lutz purpose is to promote his speech to a mass audience and try to inform as many citizens as possible about the deceptive qualities that doublespeak contains. With his great examples and clear explanations he gets his point across to his primary and secondary audience who read his work. Lutz says "language isn't the invention of human beings to lie, deceive, mislead, and manipulate" (Lutz) and the "purpose of language is to communicate the truth and to facilitate social groups getting together" (Lutz) he states that it is important to highlight doublespeak to the public. Lutz proves to his readers that doublespeak is deceiving and that everyone uses it to make things sound different than what they really are, for example using phrases like “ethnic cleansing” instead of “the defenseless villages are bombarded from the air, the inhabitation driven out into the countryside” (Lutz) or “passed away”, instead of killed or dead. Even though Lutz does not consider or address opposite views on this topic, has good evidence and knowledge of the subject of doublespeak. He gives many different examples of many diverse situations that we all have encountered or heard. Lutz gives a great example when he uses “member of the vertical transportation corps”, instead of elevator operators. Lutz styles his peace on Doubts About Doublespeak very interestingly, by making a very clear picture of what “Doublespeak” is and how it is used in our society every day. Even though, Lutz uses more of his knowledge on this situation rather than any other major sources when he writes the article, he still gets the point across to his audience. Lutz gives great examples and uses them perfectly which makes the author’s perspective persuasive, he makes us...
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