Analysis of Guangzhou Container Terminal Capacity

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Term Project
Throughput Capacity Report of Indented Berth Design at Guangzhou Container Terminal No.1

In this term project, a seaport terminal is selected to calculate the current throughput capacity based on the data measured in google earth and found on the official website. Then we should propose a modified berth layout by changing the existing berth to include an indented berth, and estimate the increasing rate of the annual throughput capacity. I selected Guangzhou Terminal No.1 (Nansha Port Area PhaseⅡ) as my study port.

Current Guangzhou Container Terminal No.11
1.1 Description1
1.2 Port infrastructure1
1.3 Port facilities2
1.4 Container yard storage layout plan2
2.Methodology adopted2
2.1 Systems approach2
2.2 Assumptions made3
2.3 Main factors considered3
3.Port throughput capacity evaluation3
3.1 Facilities data3
3.2 Analyze the number of ASC5
3.3 Analyze the number of AGV5
3.4 Check for Downtime Due to Maintenance and Repair6

Designed Guangzhou Container Terminal No.1 with Indented Berths7
1.1 Description7
1.2 Port infrastructure7
1.3 Facilities8
1.4 Container yard storage layout plan8
2.Methodology adopted8
2.1 Systems approach8
2.2 Assumptions made8
2.3 Main factors considered9
3.Port throughput capacity evaluation9
3.1 Facility data9
3.2 Analyze the number of ASC9
3.3 Analyze the number of AGV10
3.4 Check for Downtime Due to Maintenance and Repair10
3.5 Annual Throughput Capacity11
3.6 The % increase in annual throughput capacity11
List of reference13

Current Guangzhou Container Terminal No.1

1. Introduction

1.1 Description
Guangzhou Container Terminal No.1 (GOCT) is also called the Nansha Phase II project of Guangzhou Port. GOCT is co-invested by Guangzhou Port Group Co., Ltd. and COSCO Pacific and APM. The terminal is mainly engaged in container vessel accommodation and logistics. Totally, GOCT has 6 berths of 100,000-tonnage class, with designed capacity of 4 million TEU. First 2 berths have been put into use in 2006.

1.2 Port infrastructure
Nansha Terminals where phase 2 started operations on December 8, 2006, is an awesome sight to behold right in the middle of the Pearl River, with its extensive 1.2 million sqm container yard. Phase 2 has six berths, of which two are now opened and four more are to come online September this year, while Phase 1 has four. Based on the Phase I project, the Phase II project of Nansha Port in Guangzhou Port built another six 100,000-ton container deep-water berths with the throughput capacity of 4 million TEU to the south. The terminal shoreline of the Phase II project is 2,100 meters in length, 1,170 meters in depth and the total area of 2.4 million square meters, with a total investment of about 5 billion RMB. The port area is 1,245 meters in depth and land area is about 2.7 million square meters. 1.3 Port facilities

Guangzhou container terminal No.1 has 6 berths, 18 post-Panamax cranes, 48ASCs (RTG), 90 AGVs and 8 container storage yards.

1.4 Container yard storage layout plan
Yard layout - container stacks parallel to berth



5×2 stack blocks



2. Methodology adopted
2.1 Systems approach
* Based on the information from the official website, Guangzhou Terminal No.1 adopts AGV (RTG) and ASC systems. 2.2 Assumptions made
* For this terminal, I assume the working hours are 20 hr/day, giving 20% allowances. And total working days are 365 days every year. * Assuming that these 6 berths can work at the same time. Since there are 18 quay cranes, 48 ASCs, 90 AGVs and 6 berths, each berth is served with 3 quay cranes, 8 ASCs, 15 A GVs.

2.3 Main factors considered
* Because every two stack blocks at Guangzhou Terminal No.1 is combined together by line, the average trolley travel distance might be different from the lecture notes....
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