Analysis of Financial Statment

Topics: Financial ratios, Profit, Financial ratio Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Research AND ANALYSIS Project

ThE evaluation of Business and financial performance of british airway PLC : TOPIC. NO: 8

(From 1st APRIL 2007 to 31st MARCH 2009)

Word count - Project:5507 words
Word count - SLS:1784 words

ACCA Registration No 1074474


1.0 Introduction1
1.1 Topic Selection1
1.2 History of British Airways1
1.3 Aims and Objectives2
1.4 Limitation of Ratio Analysis3
2.0 Research Method3
2.1 Introduction3
2.2.0 Source of Information4
2.2.1 Primary Source4
2.2.2 Secondary Source4
2.3 Type of Information used in the Analysis 5
2.4 Limitation of Information Gathering5
2.5 Difficulties Encountered 6
3.0 Analysis of the Data6
3.1 Purpose of the Analysis6
3.2 Growth7
3.3 Sale growth8
3.4 Profitability Analysis9
3.4.1 Operating Profit Margin9
3.4.2 Net Profit Margin10
3.4.3 Return on Capital Employed11
3.5 Liquidity12
3.5.1 Current Ratio12
3.5.2 Quick Ratio/Acid Test Ratio13
3.6 Working Capital/Efficiency Ratios14
3.6.1 Receivable Turnover Ratio14
3.6.2 Asset Turnover Ratio15
3.7 Gearing16
3.7.1 Net debt/Total capital Ratio16
3.8 Shareholders Ratio17
3.8.1 Interest Cover17
3.8.2 Earning per Share18
4.0 Presentation of Findings18
5.0 Conclusion20
6.0 Recommendation21
7.0 Reference22
8.0 Appendix23


All praise is to the almighty who gives us the wisdom and strength to carry out such a very difficult task. Special thanks to my wife Sally Demba and my son Muhammad Fatty for allowing me to concentrate on this work at the expense of their time and attention. I cannot...
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