Analysis of Documentary " the End of the Line"

Topics: Fish, Fishing, Fisherman Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: November 25, 2012
The end of the line

The end of the line is a part of a new wave of documentaries that not only seek prizes at Film Festival and wasn’t just primarily made to make money but change the opinions of dozens of people. What is happening to the world fish stocks is an under reported issue and End of the Line seeks to address this problem and make the issue reportable. The film was directed by Rupert Murray and narrated by Ted Danson. But the whole film is based on a book By Charles Clover himself a fisherman who tells us about his happiness when he first caught a big great salmon . Other researchers , scientists and just fishermen travel around the world to get people to pay attention to the problem of factory fishing which has reduced and made some fish species extinct . In many ways this film is like a funeral for fish . The scientists predict that if we continue fishing as we are now , we will see the end of most seafood by 2048 . The film takes us around the fishing world to the places like Alaska , Canada , Senegal and Bahamas . The film presentation is less like an investigation but more about discovering the guilty criminals because of which fish is disappearing . The film defines them and we listen to expert witnesses who explains us about why those people are guilty . The documentary opens on a colourful ecosystem that immerses us into the beauty of the underwater world , shows us how this world swarming with life and how it is full of various kinds of fish . Credits calmly fade in and out of the picture as beautiful fish dart in and out of coral reefs, filling the screen with happiness and vibrancy. The credits finish rolling and the music that has been playing in the background transforms from cheerful to suspenseful and dramatic . Drab, gray colors suddenly replace the bright ones, and short scenes begin to flash in sync with the music. Huge boats charge through the sea like a tank rolling into a battlefield. A fisherman’s silhouette appears and...
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